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Best Places to Drink in the Big Easy: Brewery Edition

When you visit New Orleans, you are in for a genuinely intoxicating time. If you are of legal drinking age and enjoy a nice cool beverage during your travels, consider drinking your way around New Orleans when you stay with YouRent. Nicknamed the Big Easy, New Orleans is known for folks enjoying their happiest hours, day and night! Our city thrives on good vibes, good food, and even greater people. Drink and mingle at the best places to drink in the Big Easy. The city has so much to offer to locals and tourists alike, but this guide will focus on breweries. 

New Orleans Breweries

A good glass of wine or pint of beer is meant to be savored and sipped, not slammed. Locals in the Big Easy know all the best places to drink where you can experience brews that were created right in New Orleans. We have gathered some information on the top 3 breweries in the city: 

Brieux Carré Brewing Co.

At this local brewery, you are encouraged to “stay funky and embrace the weird!” The staff let the brewing process occur with very little interference, as they are dedicated to allowing the beers to speak for themselves! There is a little bit of something for everyone, but folks love their dark beers, including Portergeist: the Hoppy Side.

Parleaux Beer Lab

This hipster brewery serves up a rotating menu of small-batch beers in a quaint industrial neighborhood setting. The small batches allow the staff to pay close attention to the quality and taste of their brews. You are guaranteed to experience the playfulness of The Big whenever you drink here! 

Royal Brewery New Orleans

This brewery was brewed from a labor of love. When you enter the space, you’ll see that Royal Brewery New Orleans is a working brewery. Of course, there is a tap and bar, but you can rest assured that their beers, like the Culicidae Ale

As always, feel free to ask the knowledgeable YouRent staff where they like to drink after work. They may know a hidden speakeasy or two! 

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